Edgeless Pickleball Paddle - Cosmic Ray
Material:Multi layers of T700 carbon fiber
Paddle Dimensions:16.3"L x 7.7"W
Paddle Weight:8oz±3%
Core Thickness:13mm
Handle Length:5.4”Grip
Our Edgeless Paddles
Improved Ball Control:
Kasaca pickleball paddle graphite pickleball paddle features a unique edgeless design that allows for larger sweet spots. Its longer handle provides advanced players with enhanced control and power for a two-handed backhand.

Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle:
Our graphite pickleball paddles are made of premium materials and top technology. With a honeycomb core for added force and smoothness, and carbon fiber for exceptional control, our paddle is perfect for all adult players.

Lightweight Pickle Ball Paddle for Faster Hand Movement:Each paddle weighs 8 ounces, giving you maximum movability and a more regulated action response with every hit. With this feature, you may drop shots and be on top of your game at all times.

Carbon Forged Elongated Handle:
Our in-house technicians design, engineer, and build paddles to meet industry-leading standards and provide maximum flexibility for power and comfort. The longer, cushioned handle supports one- and two-handed shots.

USAPA Approved T700 Carbon Surface:
The Kasaca grit textured raw carbon fiber pickle ball racket provides optimal friction for maximum spin. It comes with a protective cover for transport and storage, ensuring the paddle remains in top quality.
Advanced technology to maximize the playability
Designing for All Levels , Fun for Everyone