Edged Pickleball Paddle - Grained Guard Pickleball Paddle
Material:T700 carbon fiber face
Paddle Dimensions:15.83" L x 7.95" W
Paddle Weight:8.3oz±3%
Core Thickness:13mm
Handle Length:5.24”Grip
Our Edged Paddles
Edge Guard and Large Paddle:
Our USAPA-approved Edge Guard Pickleball Paddle offers a larger sweet spot, allowing you to hit more powerful and accurate shots, giving you the edge on the court. An 8-ounce lightweight pickleball paddle which can give more spin and pop at the same time to help you to beat the opponents like a pro.

Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle:
Our pickleball features an interior durable honeycomb core that adds to forceful and smooth strokes, while the graphite carbon fiber provides exceptional control that will undoubtedly improve your game. Suitable for beginner and intermediate players.

Cute Pickleball Paddle Design with Cover:
The protective zippered cover maintains the coloring and core when not in use, making it easy to carry to your every match. You can also feel the air holes' soft grip. Its cushion grip aids in simple handling and provides slip-free traction leading to more controlled play.

For All Skill Levels:

KASACA Pickleball Rackets is for all skill levels. Perfect pickleball paddles for beginners, intermediate players, men, women, and kids. Ideal pickleball gift choice and pickleball starter for adults.

USAPA/USA Pickleball Approved:
Our pickleball paddle meets and is approved by USAPA and USA Pickleball requirements deeming it acceptable for all official tournament play. Best pickleball equipment and single pickleball paddle for women and men.
Advanced technology to maximize the playability
Durable T700 Carbon Surface

Elevated paddle performance, striking a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.
Larger, More Reliable Paddle

Experience a larger sweet spot for powerful and precise shots, giving you the winning edge on the court.Equipped with the unique Grained Edge Guard that protects against damage for a long-lasting paddle.Paddle dimensions: 15.83” L x 7.95” W
USA Pickleball Approved
T700 Enhanced Carbon Fiber
For All Skill Levels
Grained Edge Guard
Designing for All Levels , Fun for Everyone
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